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CTA Container Teminal Altenwerder, Hamburg


In 2001, Draka started to deliver a special MV-Reeling cable for the new RMG-cranes to the Altenwerder Container Terminal . With the global change to automation of container handling, there was a demand for better equipment to support these cranes.

CTA Container Teminal Altenwerder, Hamburg

 Therefore, these cables are designed to withstand high mechanical stress during operation. The speed of the RMGs can be as high as 180 m/min. Each cable has 18 optic fibres.

NTSKCGEWOEU TENAX-TTZ 6/10 kV 3x25+2x25/2+18G62,5/125FO (Crane 1-44)
(N)TSKCGEWOEU TENAX-TTZS 6/10 kV 3x25+2x10+18G62,5/125FO (Crane 45-52)